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  1. Are we able to argue for Brown being more highly rated than, say an Keenan Allen or Amari Cooper? You bet.Brown was the most prolific receiver with Mut 22 coins more yards and touchdowns than Allen last year, and Brown was just 39 yards shy of Cooper's mark and had six more touchdowns in two less games. It's true that Cooper had to face awfully poor quarterback play however, Brown was playing on two knee injuries. Of the three, Brown and Allen were the only two players who made the Pro Bowl. It's nice to witness Jones get some respect from his game in the season when ma
  2. My son was playing 2K and suddenly , he came up to NBA2king me. He began to quote the Warriors roster, Steph Curry, and I thought, "How is it possible that he's awake until 10 o'clock in the morning to see these games? He's only seven years old!" Through 2K he's studying the game and also judging by their ratings in 2K." Donohue says this is a sign of the "transformation" in how young people consume media and how they are evolving. The NBA is also learning about the new audience and what they're searching for. "The most significant difference between the world of esports that I've observe