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  1. The video begins with a discussion of the changes the franchise's staffing system will bring. It states that it will allow players the ability to oversee everything from the front office down to the field. It will allow them to recruit new staff and then educate them, with their employees providing access to a new talent tree that can be used to buff their team's skills and better match their players to an exact style of play. There will be three kinds of players on staff that are eligible to hire: head coaches, coordinators, and player personnel. Managers will be able enhance the team within
  2. The newest 2K22 has made some changes to the franchise and with it that the builds you will need to succeed in the NBA and in online play. Builds are habit basketball avatars you produce, which can be composed of pie graphs comprising four chief pieces: completing (blue), shooting (green), playmaking (yellowish ) and defense/rebounding (reddish ). The pie graph and attributes you assign to a build will determine the sort of player you get. If you are coming to the court for the first time, or are a routine that wants to test out whatever's advantageous this year, we've compiled a listing of th
  3. Pvp meeting pve players. Although it was not required, non-pvpers could to take a chance to join potential pvp for rewards. My earlier point on quests is that every player must be able to access this content. But, making certain the worlds "safety" defeats all of it. This is the thing I worry about most. If a place is secure from attack that defeats the goal of quests. No runecrafter with use dangerous abyss as there is a perfectly safe place to hop away. Armoured zombie-goers can simply move to a safer world after leaving the wilderness. In fact, that could be done for any kind of world.