The NBA 2K League does not have to adhere to traditional restrictions

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My son was playing 2K and suddenly , he came up to NBA2king me. He began to quote the Warriors roster, Steph Curry, and I thought, "How is it possible that he's awake until 10 o'clock in the morning to see these games? He's only seven years old!" Through 2K he's studying the game and also judging by their ratings in 2K."

Donohue says this is a sign of the "transformation" in how young people consume media and how they are evolving. The NBA is also learning about the new audience and what they're searching for. "The most significant difference between the world of esports that I've observed versus traditional sports is the voice of fans, the power of the fan" Donohue says.

Twitch chat functions that are available on Twitch broadcasts are one example of this. "The Twitch chat function is continuously active and we watch it in order to keep our fans engaged It also offers an excellent opportunity to obtain immediate feedback and make adjustments to our broadcasts... 

We're talking about "hey you're getting the feedback of the fans." their camera angles and behind-the scenes content" that Donohue calls "almost becoming a requirement of the younger customer, it is that you're listening."

The NBA 2K League does not have to adhere to traditional restrictions.One of the major advantages that the NBA 2K League has is that the game can be played anywhere by any player. This is the case with the newly announced draft process and is also a way to Buy 2K MT PS4 tap into international markets. 

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