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    da podelim radosti i sa vama.

    Zuti No1!!
  2. Autobahn Stern

    BMW M8 Apsolutno SVE informacije o najboljem vozilu svih vremena!
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    BMW M8

    BMW M8 1990, V12 (S70/1), about 6.0l displacement, 550 hp, prototype, number: 1 The BMW 850CSi is a detuned version of the M8 which has never been produced and remained a prototype only. The M8 should have been built in a consequently lightweight manner in order to be a 'Ferrari-Killer'. The specially developed 550 hp engine has never been used except in the prototype - of which only one exists. But with the support of McLaren the M8 engine was transformed into the power plant of the McLaren F1 super sports car. At the time of development of the M8 there was virtually no market for such a car, so the BMW manager cancelled the project. The M8-Prototype is perhaps the best-kept secret of BMW. Absolutely no one must see it or can get information, by order from the general manager himself. Questions from motorsport magazines remain unanswered as well. The car is locked away in the so-called Giftschrank, which could be translated as 'poison-storage'. According to BMW it is hidden behind lots of boxes anyway and will be destroyed in the near future as the 8 series doesn't exist any more and neither a successor. The Prototype has never been road safe (even the headlights were missing as you can see in the picture) and was only loosely patched together, which is the reason why it is not presented in their museum. It's not even good for that ...says BMW. Yes, the papers of an 850CSi say, it's an M8, but that's not of much use if you know what it could have been. What the S70 engine is capable of speaks for itself. See the world record run of the McLaren F1. The guys at McLaren say they could get 1000 hp at 9500 or 10000 rpm from the engine. The different versions of the S70 engine: S70 5576 ccm 380 hp, 24V, 850CSi 1992 S70/1 about 6000 ccm 550 hp, 48V(?), M8 prototype 1990 S70/2 6064 ccm 627 hp, 48V, McLaren F1 1993 S70/3 6064 ccm 635 hp, 48V, McLaren F1 1996
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    e34 525i 24v

    Svaka cast! Izgleda zlo! Samo neznam koliko ce mu dobro spojler stojati! Nisam bas za spojlere na autima sa "dupetom". Uvucene felne su ZLO! Malkice sa strane lici na 8icu hehe!
  5. Autobahn Stern

    E30 318i Autobahn Stern

    Bogami dobro ide! Ipak mladji je bar 3 puta! A moja masina nije bas u nekom stanju! Meni je smesno bilo to sto je nalickan a moj kao sa otpada hehe!
  6. Autobahn Stern

    E30 318i Autobahn Stern

    Hehe! Bas taj! Jel ga znas?
  7. Autobahn Stern

    E30 318i Autobahn Stern

    Eeeejjj!! Startovao me lik na semaforu sa CLIOm! Ej kao da je iz CARBON-a ispao! Prebudzen! Spusten do zemlje. Neki izduv, prdi do daske. Tribali i sve propratne gluposti! I pise na njemu "Clio is much better then SEX".... a moj Stern kao sa otpada... prljav... maznuli mi znakove... prednja plastika dole visi na nekom socijalnom kanapu hehe. Uhhh bilo je sirovo! Ide Clio fino ali jebiga... nije to Bavaria! Fino sam mu odmakao! Saltao sam kao nikada!
  8. Autobahn Stern

    E30 316i

    Nema sta... MASINA! Samo spustanje i neke zajebane feluge!
  9. Autobahn Stern

    E30 318i Autobahn Stern

    Spusten je on sasvim dovoljno samo se ne vidi od trave. Uskoro cu nabaciti nove slike. A tanje gume bi bile extra. Jel zna neko koliko cu morati da se iskesim za 4 komada 205/50/15??
  10. Autobahn Stern


    Hvala na dobrodoslicama! Felne u bile na autu kada sam ga uzeo ali fali mi jedna (na jedinom tocku koji se nevidi na slikama). Trazio sam svuda i nigde nema. Zvucace malo trulo ali video sam milion kocki i takve joj stoje najbolje! Pa ako neko cuje da neko ima jednu viska neka javi!
  11. Autobahn Stern


    Pozdrav, dakle ja sam Zoran iz NS vozim E30 318i (popularniji kao KOCKA ili SANDUK). Bice slika uskoro..!