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Dok sam vozio e30 m40 1,6 skinem stare svecke sa kojima sam ga kupio a na njnima pise NGK i BMW, stavim bosch po katalogu kupljene, i auto mnogo losije radi. Vratim stare, narucim iste takve i vozi ne razmisljaj.Znaci NGK.

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Imam problema sa autom, ponekad trokira, secka i pukne u auspuhu, uglavnom kad je hladan, kad se ugreje uglavnom nema problema. Nekad se desi upalim i sve radi kako treba, ne znam od cega da pocnem? Da li svecice mogu da prave problem da nekad trokira a nekad ne?

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Malo sam u dilemi oko svećica koje bi trebalo da zamenim. Za brend nisam u dilemi idu NGK, ali koje od ovih ponudjenih sa njihovog sajta. Auto ima plin.

Po forumima raznim vidim da preporučuju ove najskuplje (4 kraka). Ne znam da li zbog plina treba sa jednim krakom (smeša drugačija bla, bla...).

Za m54 motore ove preporučuju:

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Special spark plugs from NGK:

Specifically developed for gas operation

As well as the current iridium types, NGK now

also offers special spark plugs for gas-powered

vehicles. They are specifically manufactured for

use in retro-fitted vehicles and have proven

themselves in Japan for many years – for

example in taxis, which are without exception

gas-powered in that country.

It’s the plating that does it.

The spark plugs for use with gas are plated with

a chrome alloy specifically developed by NGK for

this purpose. It is able to resist the aggressive

conditions of gas operation for longer than

normal platings. At present for cars there is

no other spark plug which can offer a similar


Platinum and iridium: The dynamic duo.

In the same way as with standard iridium and

platinum spark plugs, the special spark plugs for

gas-powered cars also have a laser welded centre

electrode using an iridium chip of only 0.6 mm

diameter. In addition, the ground electrode is

fitted with a platinum chip which further

improves the durability and therefore the lifetime

of the spark plug.

An overview of the special spark plugs:

● A particularly long life thanks to a special

plating for the metal shell as well as

electrodes of platinum and iridium.

● Reliable ignition and an even spread

of the flame core.

● The best ignition properties also when

operating with gas.

● Low ignition voltage requirement.

● In comparison with standard spark plugs,

improved emission values also when operating

with gas.

A word on installation.

There is no difference between installing a spark

plug in a dual fuel engine and installing one in a

normal engine. Before removing the old spark

plug, the cylinder head should be cleaned. The

new spark plug is then screwed in by hand and

then tightened with a torque wrench to the

correct torque setting.

In some cases it has proven effective when

retro-fitting for gas operation to reduce the

electrode gap slightly, 0.3 mm at the most, in

comparison to the normal recommendation for

petrol operation to facilitate the spark discharge.

Iridium spark plug BPR6EIX-LPG

Ovo kaže ngk lično :-)

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